Let's be honest…our BONES lack the sexiness of our other body parts like our “Gut” or “Muscles” - there is so much buzz around gut health at the moment - it's time “the skeleton” got some paparazzi too.

Our skeleton is not just the “Coat Hanger” where bits hang! The skeleton plays a crucial role in providing mobility & support for our bodies and most importantly is a storage centre for minerals.
STRONG BONES are crucial as we move into the next phase of our fabulous life.

Here’s why….by the time we hit 40, less bone is made… and worse still, loss of bone mass is accelerated every decade after that. The total mass reduces by an estimate of 30-40% by the age of 70. So scary! The problem is, unfortunately, it's too late to do something about it when you hit your 60-70”s and bone density can get so low that even something as simple as sneezing can break a rib!

The best thing you can do to increase bone density is "Resistance Training!"
Believe me - I have significantly increased my bone strength (verified by a Dexa Scan) through my Strong Workouts. I am feeling as Strong as an OX!

It's never too late to start your journey to learn more about the Aviiana Wellness Program (formerly known as Strong Formula)

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