Show Up


If you're feeling the drain of life in your 40's, we're here. Our daily natural supplements to help you show up for what is important to you. A natural alternative for hormonal shifts.

Low energy? Brain fog? Mood swings? PMS? Anxious? Can't keep up with the mental load?

We've got you. Full of the good stuff to release ongoing energy, improve focus, balance hormones and reduce stress. Our most loved product to get you through work, gym, family, life admin - whatever is thrown at you each day. We're exhausted just thinking about it.

All ingredients are at a clinical dose, which is why we only include 10 in each product. They all need to work hard and earn their place.

  • Chasteberry maintains and supports oestrogen hormone levels, as well as supports hormone fluctuations that can cause perimenopause and PMS symptoms such as anxiety, irritability and sleep disturbances.
  • American Ginseng supports brain health and energy levels. Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine as an adaptogen to help the body adapt to stress and support adrenal gland health.
  • Ginko biloba increases attention span and focus and maintains brain health.
  • Vitamin C supports memory and boosts immunity.
  • B Vitamins support and unlock energy levels.