Meno Cool


MENO COOL - Hot flushes & Night Sweats 

  • Relieves symptoms of hot flushes 
  •  Eases symptoms of mood swings 
  •  Maintains healthy adrenal gland function 
  •  Reduces vaginal dryness 
  •  Maintains healthy hormonal balance 
  •  Decreases symptoms of mild anxiety 

Product Description 
Discover How Meno Cool Naturally Reduces Hot Flushes in Menopause 

Are you tired of feeling like a hot, sticky mess during menopause? Hot flushes and night sweats can be incredibly frustrating, disrupting your daily life and preventing restful sleep. 

It's a common challenge faced by many women during this phase of life. In fact, did you know that only 2 out of 10 women never experience hot flushes? That means the majority of us have to deal with these discomforts, constantly reaching for the covers or fans. 

But there's hope. Meno Cool, created by women for women, is here to provide you with relief from hot flushes and night sweats, helping you reclaim your symptom-free life. 

Meno Cool features a carefully crafted blend of 5 evidence-based ingredients, each at therapeutic doses, working in harmony to naturally balance hormones. No more enduring hot flushes and night sweats. It's time to say goodbye to the fans and air conditioning. With Meno Cool, you can finally dial down the heat and irritation for good. Welcome to a cooler, more comfortable you. 

Product information and directions 

How do I take this product? 
Ladies, take one capsule in the morning and one at night with water, either with food or on a full stomach. 


What are the ingredients in this formula? 
Active ingredients per capsule 
• Actaea racemosa (Black Cohosh) rhizome ext. dry conc. Std 10.67mg from dry rhizome min. 80mg equiv. triterpenoid glycosides min. 0.267mg 
• Salvia officinalis leaf (Sage) ext. dry conc. Std. 150mg Equiv. to Salvia dry leaf 1.5g 
• Humulus lupulus flower (Hops) ext. dry conc. (Hops) 200mg equiv. to 1.5g dry flower 
• Astragalus membranaceus root (Astragalus) ext. dry conc. 150mg equiv. to 3g dry root 
• Tomato ext. conc. std 15mg equiv. to Beta-carotene 3mg 

Does not contain: 
Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Lactose, Soy, Artificial colours, Artificial flavours, Artificial sweeteners, Bee products, Corn, Egg, MSG or any kind of nut. 

Do not use if pregnant, likely to become pregnant or you suspect you could be pregnant. Do not use whilst breastfeeding. Consult your healthcare professional before use. If symptoms persist, contact your Doctor or healthcare professional. Store below 25 degrees celsius and away from direct sunlight. Do not use if the cap seal is broken.